The Earth Harp Collective

World's Biggest String Instrument

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“The audience literally sits in the belly of the harp as it is played.”


William Close & The Earth Harp collective is an internationally renowned ensemble that combines the creative forces of artists, musicians, composers and choreographers. The stunning centerpiece of the instrumentation – the earth harp – is just one of the many new and cutting-edge instruments in this dynamic show. With a resonating chamber on stage and illuminated strings suspended above the audience, any performance space is instantly transformed into a musical instrument, creating the ultimate multi-dimensional concert experience.

The Earth Harp has been installed on mountain-tops, skyscrapers, and venues all over the world, including the Kennedy Center, America’s Got Talent, Radio City Music Hall, and many more.  The giant strings of instrument tie into the architecture or the landscape. The space is transformed into the instrument. For WMPAC’s show, the EARTH HARP chambers rest on the stage and the strings go from the stage out over the audience to the top of the trusses above the tech booth, and the theater becomes the instrument. The audience experiences the music from inside the instrument!


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