Ira Glass and Monica Bill Barnes

Choreographed Radio Storytelling

2 Showings: 5:30 & 8:30PM

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“An unabashed desire to entertain paired with a drive to document the genuine feelings and awkward moments of life.”

– The New York Times

Ira Glass is the creator, producer & host of This American Life, the iconic weekly public radio program with millions of listeners around the world. Using audio clips, music, and video, Ira Glass delivers a unique talk; sharing lessons from his life and career in storytelling: What inspires him to create? What drives his passion? How have failures and successes informed his decisions? During his presentation, Ira Glass will mix stories live onstage and help his audience better follow the creative process of one of our foremost storytellers.

Monica Bill Barnes & Company is a contemporary American dance company that brings dance where it does not belong.  They create and produce each work entirely from its own rulebook—dancing to radio interviews on the biggest stages in the world, hosting a weekly show in a crowded office party, or leading a choreographed exercise routine in an art museum.  Within each of these new contexts and borrowed environments, they constantly find humor in our awkward, everyday triumphs and failures.  The company consists of a team of collaborators – Monica Bill Barnes (Artistic Director/Choreographer/Performer); Anna Bass (Associate Artistic Director/Performer); Robbie Saenz de Viteri (Creative Producing Director/Performer) and designers Kelly Hanson (Set/Costume) and Jane Cox (Lighting). Together, this team creates the most unlikely experiences for every kind of audience.

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