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In a Landscape returns this year to again be the soundtrack to your outdoor experience. Classical pianist Hunter Noack will perform on the Big Sky Resort golf course while audience members make their way through a custom-designed track around him. Each audience member will be given a custom set of high-quality wireless headphones that broadcasts the hour-long live performance as they explore Big Sky’s stunning landscape by ski, snowshoe, or foot.


  • If you plan to park at the nordic center by the driving range (2100 Black Otter Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716), you must purchase a parking pass for each vehicle. We know. Paid parking stinks, but we have to limit this somehow, and there just isn’t enough parking for everybody. And so, if you are able, we encourage you to A.) Carpool! or B.) Figure out a way to ski into the course from the Crail Trail or any other access point from the cross-country trail system. It will be an adventure!
  • The outdoor concert will last approximately one hour. Please plan your trip accordingly, and anticipate a minimum 15-20 minutes from the time you park to walk onto the course, to get gear, check in, and get your headphones so that you can listen to the concert and relax at 3:00pm. If you plan to get creative on how you arrive at the venue (which we love!!), then please make sure you leave enough time! 🙂
  • We provide the music and the headphones (and hot chocolate). You provide the gear. If you don’t have the gear, we encourage you to rent gear at any of our awesome local retailers in town!
  • Also, it goes without saying, but let’s just say it: it might be super cold, it might snow, we just don’t know! Please be ready.


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