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“If the term ‘world-class’ has any validity, it surely applies.”

– Arnold Epley

Returning to Montana after an inspired tour back in 2016, JITRO (“YEE-tro”), meaning “Daybreak” in Czech, is more than just a concert choir from Hradec Kralove, a small town in Czechia. It is an organization of more than 300 youth between 5 and 19 years old in seven preparatory ensembles, of which only the best 25 qualify to tour internationally. For 35 years they have been admired all over the world for their tonal brilliance, superb intonation, distinctive rich blend of sound and energetic vitality.

Jitro makes over 100 appearances annually and has sung with other renowned choruses, including the American Boys’ Choir. Jitro has performed with the Bavarian Symphonic Orchestra, the Milano Symphonic Orchestra and Pardubice Philharmonic, and Bobby McFerrin at The Kennedy Center in 2008. They have performed in prestigious concert halls in Prague, Barcelona, Hale, Strasbourg, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta, Ithaca, Penn State University, New York, San Antonio, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bern, Basle, Dortmund, Avignon, Toulouse, Xiamen and many more.

Take 6, Cantus, Roomful of Teeth, The Crossing

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