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John Zirkle is the Artistic Director of the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, an internationally-award winning composer, and an extremely successful community arts entrepreneur.

As the founding Artistic Director of the WMPAC, John helped design the center he would soon fill with world-class programming from around the world. By the close of the second season there was no doubt that the center, the first Performing Arts space in the area, was a critical, financial and artistic success.

As an artist, John finds most of his inspiration from collective music-making. In 2008, he traveled independently for a year in Eastern Europe studying vocal ensembles and choral organizations in Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Estonia as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. He holds certificates from the International Summer Academy of Music in Ochsenhausen, Germany and his composition teachers include Jan Jirasek, Ofer Ben-Amots and David Hykes. The highlight of his musical theater background was working alongside Emmy award-winning music director Michael Kosarin and Oscar award-winning composer Alan Menken on Disney on Broadway’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Since 2010, John has been an active force on the local arts scene, directing and producing over 40 theatrical and music performances with multiple organizations, several of which he has helped found from the ground up. He also teaches music and performing arts in the Big Sky School District.

A graduate of Colorado College, John is passionate about excellence within the arts and is grateful he can pursue both of his great loves—music & performing arts and skiing & the outdoors—in one beautiful location.



Advisory Board

  • Jill Bough
  • Loren Bough, Chair
  • Kitty Clemens
  • Patty Dash
  • Nancy Domaille
  • Doug Gale (2012 – 2015)
  • David Gasser
  • Judy Katany
  • Tallie Lancey
  • Sarah Griffiths
  • Barb Rooney
  • Barbara Rowley

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