Ahn Trio and James Sewell Ballet

Big Sky Favorites Unite

Presented by Sandra & Richard (Jake) Jacobson

“My all-time favorite piano trio with a rare passion for new music.”

-Michael Nyman

“Sewell is daring and original, with a broad grounding in classical ballet and modern dance…”

-The New Republic

Put an enigmatic and worldly piano trio with a group of contemporary dancers who all love the mountains, and greatness ensues.

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James Sewell Ballet and the Ahn Trio presented a workshop performance of their collaborative new project at WMPAC in July, 2017 to a full house. Featuring new music from Pat Metheny and arrangements from Prince’s Purple Rain, the show seamlessly integrates contemporary music and ballet with an awe-inspiring narrative. This collaboration is another original production designed in partnership between the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and Minnesota presenting organizations.


Hailed as “exacting and exciting musicians” by the LA Times, the three sisters of the Ahn Trio (Lucia on the piano, Angella on the violin, and Maria on the cello) have earned a distinguished reputation for embracing 21st century classical music with their unique style and innovative collaborations. In 2011, President Obama invited the Ahn Trio to perform at the White House for a State Dinner honoring South Korea.

Maria, Lucia and Angella thrive on dissolving the barriers between art forms. They have fused their work with a range of artists and musical genres, from dancers and lighting designers to DJ’s. The Trio enjoyed their successful collaboration with the David Parsons Dance Company, touring extensively to critical acclaim. The Ahns frequently enjoy having guest artists join them on stage. Recent favorites include the Kin, a two-brother rock band from Australia, as well as electronic music artist Juno a.k.a Superdrive from Berlin.

Since WMPAC opened in 2013, James Sewell Ballet has played a critical role in the development of the WMPAC Winter Seasons and Big Sky Conservatory, and will continue to do so through future Winter engagements and its continuously successful summer high-altitude dance training program.

James Sewell Ballet was founded in New York City by James Sewell and Sally Rousse and brought to Minnesota in 1993. Combining their expertise, vision and chutzpah they envisioned a close-knit company of dance artists willing to both challenge their physical limits and expand their notions about ballet. Over two decades later, critically acclaimed JSB performances move and delight audiences across the country. The embodiment of the original vision is a professional company of ten dancers performing innovative work that explores the technical boundaries of ballet.

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