Volo by Diavolo

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Diavolo reinvents dance, re-imagines theater, and redefines thrills. Theatergoers around the world are always wondering what sort of wizardry Jacques Heim will conjure up next for his daring troupe of performers. Diavolo takes movement, athletics, and daring to the extreme, creating abstract narratives through surreal tableaux in which inspiration thrives.
Volo is the new performance ensemble of Diavolo. Its repertoire features an eclectic selection of Diavolo’s shorter pieces and smaller structures, specifically designed for intimate venues. The members of VoLo are trained as performers and educators who offer performances and residencies built around the Diavolo aesthetic: Architecture in Motion.

Volo is compact (8 dancers) and flexible in its touring needs, able to load in and perform on the same day, and offering diverse educational options to complement the performance.
Artistic Director Jacques Heim has been a transformative choreographer for over 20 years. He founded Diavolo in 1992 and has directed the Company’s work ever since. In addition to his work with Diavolo, Jacques has worked extensively for other companies in dance, theater, TV, and special events worldwide. Most recently Jacques worked with Guy Caron and Michael Curry as consulting choreographer on Ice Age Live!, a “mammoth” arena show which had its world premiere at London’s Wembley Stadium in November 2012 and is now touring Europe. For Cirque du Soleil, Jacques choreographed KÀ at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. He was invited to be a

Creative Director for the Opening Ceremony of The 16th Asian Games, in Guangzhou, China. In 2005, Jacques was the Artistic Director for the Taurus Stunt Awards and returned in 2007 to stage a movement/stunt piece, “The Car”. With Center Theater Group, Jacques created choreography for the stage play, The Stones. On television, his work has appeared on BBC America’s Dancing with the Stars and Bravo’s Step Up and Dance.

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