The Brubeck Brothers Quartet: Celebrating an American Icon

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet is an exciting jazz ensemble featuring two members of one of America’s most accomplished musical families, Dan Brubeck (drums,) and Chris Brubeck (bass & trombone.) On February 20, the group will be performing a musical tribute to their late father, Dave Brubeck, in what is sure to be one of most sizzling nights of the winter. Although the quartet’s style is rooted in “straight-ahead” jazz, their concerts reveal an inherent ability to explore and play odd time signatures while naturally integrating the influences of funk, blues and world music. The group’s creativity, technique and improvisation can be heard in their uncompromising music, which reflects their dedication to melody, rhythm, culture and the spontaneous spirit of jazz. This concert is brought to the WMPAC by the Arts Council of Big Sky.


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