Russia Through the Ages


Enjoy an evening of visual arts curated specifically for the WMPAC Galleries and Stage, and take a visual journey through Russian history.  Follow the timeline of the fairytale princess, Alyonachka, from the late 19th century to the present day, and stroll through a series of oil-paintings, digitally-infused collages, charcoal, and more.  Then experience the enigmatic and illuminating animated form known as sand art on stage, coupled with a live presentation from the artist.  To top it off, enjoy free Russian delicacies and libations courtesy of famed Russian chef Vika Smirnova and local favorite Ryan LaFoley.


Russia Through the Ages, by Dasha Bough

Fairytales are inherently Russian and the fairytale princess is at the core of Russian culture and in the hearts and souls of her people.

This body of work is an exploration of conflict between the rise of communal duty of the Russian citizen with the weakening role of individuals and family in society.

My fairytale princess travels through the Russian epoch, layering cultural and political events on her weary self, like a cloak, only to peel them off again like drips of paint.

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