ISHMAEL tells the tale of a restless country schoolteacher who decides a sea voyage could be the change of pace he needs. Blinded by a thirst for adventure, he signs onto a three-year whaling trip with a Captain he’s never met, and quickly finds himself in over his head.
Drawing freely from Herman Melville’s classic novel, MOBY DICK, a single actor and three blue grass musicians conjure a funny, thoughtful, harrowing play about one man’s drive to see the world and another man’s insatiable quest to destroy it and the spirit it takes to survive it all.




Jack Weston

ACTOR: Jack Weston

Twin Cities-based actor/singer/songwriter Jack Weston originated the roles of Ishmael, Father Mapple, Captain Ahab, Starbucks and 8 more characters in the first round of the White Whale at the Minnesota Fringe Fest in 2015. He has been performing since he was 16 years old in many different capacities, including professional and community theatre roles, and his credits also include three Album/CD releases, voiceover work, directing and script writing.


Leo Geter

Writer/Director: Leo Geter

Leo Geter started off in the world of acting, appearing in over 30 film and television series as well as many theatre productions. He has directed plays in New York, Los Angeles, Colorado and Minnesota. For the past eight years he has written many teleplays for TNT’s “The Closer” and “Major Crimes” where he also worked as Executive Producer and director. He holds an MFA in Film from New York University.

MUSIC: featuring members of

Nate Sipe –  Mandolin/Fiddle/Voice
Kevin Kniebel – Banjo/Voice
Kevin Kniebel and Nate Sipe grew up in the same small town in MN and have been collaborating songwriters for over a decade. Their band, Pert Near Sandstone performs in venues across the country and appear as a featured artist at many music festivals and events. With six studio albums to their credit, Pert Near Sandstone has rejuvenated string band music with a raw energy, playing original material based on traditional forms that lends itself to a modern audience.
For a dozen years, Pert Near Sandstone has given a sincere voice of the wandering spirit. Much like the characters of Moby Dick, who are forever in search of the next whale, and Ishmael in search of the next adventure, a musical group rides the asphalt tide to the wave of a performance, ebbing from a shallow valley to the next city with each day’s journey. Ishmael is with us, absorbing and recording a barrage of sensations, an individual acting as a part of a unit. Therein lays the youthful dreams of Melville, as his story unfolds with all the wild tangents we find in Moby Dick.
Jim Parker – Guitar/Clogs/Voice
A man of many niches, Jim Parker specializes in folk music and dance, and has played music for literally hundreds of community folk dances. He has studied, performed and taught music and dance at festivals and gatherings around the state, throughout the Midwest, and in France, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, England, Belgium and Latvia. Additionally Jim has written and performed music for theatre and puppetry for over 20 years. Jim was a member of The Wild Goose Chase Cloggers for 12 years, and is in his 20th season with the Ethnic Dance Theatre Folk Orchestra.



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