Iran and Tonga: Documentary Travel Photography

About the Exhibition

Join Montana photographers Tori Pintar and David Clumpner for an evening of visual inspiration and candid conversation as they take you on a journey to the less traveled countries of Iran and Tonga. Special guest, award-winning photojournalist, Rich Addicks, will host an impromptu discussion on the joys and challenges of traveling and photographing within foreign borders. Libations will be served.

Artist Statements

Tori: When Tori Pintar was in grade school and it came time to choose a country to write a report on for her 6th grade project she proudly told her parents she’d decided on Iran. She was not met with the same excitement she felt. Instead, they steered her towards another country—Switzerland.  Her fascination with Iran did not go away that day or twenty years later. In November she traveled to Iran to document and experience everyday Iranian life and culture. This is the second exhibit Tori has shared that focuses on Muslim culture; previously she shared imagery and stories from her time in Kashmir. The goal of these exhibits is to show a broader picture of what it means to be Muslim.
David:  This past year I did the third iteration of a project where I stay on a small Pacific island for six weeks and take family portraits and documentary photos of life and culture on the island.  Previously I had photographed on small islands in Okinawa and Palau, but in 2016 I went to Nomuka, Tonga.  After returning to Montana, I did a crowdfunding project to help pay for books and prints to be mailed back to all the families on the island.  During this presentation, I will include a slideshow of images and talk about my experiences photographing on a tiny, hidden Pacific island.

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