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November 3rd, 2014

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Free, $5 reserved seating


Arthur Benjamin – Mathemagician

Math is anything but boring–or even difficult–when presented by Harvey Mudd College professor Arthur Benjamin. The dynamic, Great Course and Ted Talk favorite (7 Million+ views) will perform high speed mental calculations and other astounding math stunts in a free lecture on Friday, November 14 at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center at 7:30.

Benjamin, recently featured on The Colbert Report and author of several books, including Secrets of Mental Math, where he shares his secrets for rapid mental calculation, is driven by a desire to teach math and mental agility in interesting ways. His talk is hardly the dry stuff of mathematic classrooms some may remember. In fact, Benjamin claims math is for calculation, application and—perhaps most importantly—inspiration.

As a science of patterns, learning math teaches us not just logic but also creative thinking. Benjamin makes this skill abundantly clear to his audiences and students whether he is explaining Fibonacci numbers or multi-digit mental mathematics in ways even non-math minds can understand.

As the United States reaches ever-increasing levels of innumeracy (the math equivalent to illiteracy) perspectives like those of Arthur Benjamin are especially relevant. To guarantee your seat, you can reserve a $5 ticket by pressing the Reserve Seats button.

Benjamin’s appearance at WMPAC is presented by Big Sky School District Adult Education.

Watch Art Benjamin on The Colbert Report.

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